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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 4)

“Cinderella, please this event should be thoroughly planned from the main course to sweet dish, dance to the songs to be played, sitting place of dukes and counts and ministers, everything should be perfectly planned. Do not mess it up like last time, because I won’t be taking your side this time. Please don’t make me regret my decision of marrying you”, Robert said as he fixed his clothes to attend the court. Today is a big day to celebrate prince Robert’s success in the agreement made with neighbouring country and also to celebrate his first step to become the future king.  


Prince Robert and Cinderella were happy until they came back from their honeymoon. When they came it was only happiness all over their faces. Cinderella believed her destiny is changed, finally she got someone who would love her immensely and will be happy to spend his life with her, she thought it was happily ever after now but what she wasn’t aware is that happily ever after never existed, it is just a myth because the ending of one story writes the beginning of another. She thought she had given all the tests of life but what she forgot that life is all about these tests and changes that comes along with them. These tests write our destiny for the better or worse but all we have to do is to keep going. Cinderella who never ever planned a single dinner at her home was now expected to plan the dinner for all the respected members who will come from different countries across the world. Last time she tried to do things the way she would want in spite of being warned by her mother in law who is a decent lady with an optimistic thinking. She tried to tell Cinderella that things don’t happen the way she wants and even guided her but the enthusiasm in Cinderella’s eyes made her stop. This time Cinderella decided to take help of her as she always knew what is to be done in a situation like this. She wanted to learn things from her if this will help her to make her relationship with Robert better. She didn’t want dinner to be the reason for Robert to leave her. She was afraid to be left alone again when she can try and fix everything up. Changing her clothes she went to queen Helen. She knocked on the door and went inside as queen Helen asked her to come in. “Your Highness”, Cinderella curtsied as queen Helen offered her the seat near her. “Princess Cinderella, is there anything I can do?”, she asked politely. “Queen Helen I am here…I am…..,” she searched for words to ask her help but only stuttered more. “It’s okay princess you can ask for anything,” queen tried to calm Cinderella who was freaking out thinking of the disaster she did in the last dinner. “Queen Helen, you know how terrible I am at arranging dinners after seeing the last one planned by me. This time … this time I don’t want to make mistakes and for this, I will need your help. Please don’t say No”, she finally said expecting queen Helen to say something but instead queen went to her cupboard looking for something. She waited patiently for a few minutes and queen come with a diary in her hand. “Take this”, she handed Cinderella the diary which was a little bit worn and old but the content inside seemed to be intact. Cinderella confusedly started to speak but kept quiet as the queen indicated her to open it. She opened it to find the list of people to be invited at different dinners and was amazed to see that names were added and removed from time to time. “This diary is passed from generations so that no one had to worry about all the culture and traditions because we all are human and forgetfulness is in our nature which is very difficult to deal with. This diary consist of the names of persons you need to invite at different occasions and also the food which has to be made and all other traditions are written in it”, the queen said smilingly. Cinderella thanked the queen and took the diary and went to prepare for the upcoming event as this time she wanted to prove herself to be worthy and she believed if planning a dinner according to royal tradition will help her regain the love from her husband then she would be happy to do that. 


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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