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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 9)

Katherine”…………”Kathy, where are you?”

“You have to find me.”

“Oh! So now we are playing hide and seek.”

A yes came with a laughing sound.

“Has anyone seen the little mouse who hides in my almirah”

“It’s not a little mouse,” a girl of almost 5 years says coming out of the almirah she was hiding.

“Oh! Definitely not. Because she is a princess.”

“Mama, you cheated again”, the girl said, getting angry.

“I am so sorry baby and Mama promises not to do it again.”

“Promise?” the girl asked with her puppy eyes which only added to her cuteness.

“Pinky Promise”, her Mama promised.


“Ella, the customers are waiting”, George, the chef who works with Ella, came to inform her.

“Yeah, will be there in five minutes.”

“Mama, I will wait for you here”, Katherine told her mother, assuring her that she would be safe.

“Ok, then eat these if you feel hungry. I will see you in an hour”, Ella said, giving some cookies for her to eat.


Years before Ella became Cinderella, Cinderella the princess but now she is again Ella, the girl who was happy with her life and had no complaints. She now has a daughter whom she loves and wants to give her all the happiness of this world. 

Her life is quite simple now with her daughter as her primary responsibility and a bakery. Baking which she only did as her hobby before is now helping her to earn the bread for her and Katherine. People in this village do not know her as the princess Cinderella but as Ella who has a girl named Katherine and she owns a bakery shop which is quite famous there. 


“My dear Elly, it’s the wedding tomorrow and as usual it will be yours chocolate pudding”, a lady said smilingly.

“Samantha, you should stop worrying because the pudding will be there on time”, Ella replied while packing the order of another customer.

“It will be wonderful. And it should not just be pudding, you and Kathy also have to be there.”

“We will be.”

“Elly Aunt, where is Kathy?” a girl of the same age as Kathy asked.

“She is in the kitchen.”

“Thank you.”

Then Ella again got busy with work.

But a man who was standing near the shop for quite some time now followed the girl which went unnoticed by Ella.

Who is this man?

Will princess Cinderella ever be able to meet her prince, Robert?

Well, these questions will be answered in upcoming parts, until then take care and be safe.


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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