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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 11)

“It’s been two weeks. He never came to visit. It’s different to not have him here, hovering over me and, Kathy…………. And he never questioned about Kathy’s name? Everything is so confusing. Should I talk to him? Am I getting mad even allowed? Is he answerable to me? This whole relationship is confusing.”

“Mom, that uncle with chocolate didn’t come from many days. You know he is very good at Monopoly”, Kathy said while tying her shoes.

“Katherine, he is your father and he might come today to play with you.”

“But he asked me to call him uncle until you accept him.”

“He is impossible. Why does he complicate everything?” said inaudibly to Kathy.


“George, did someone come to meet Kathy or me?”

“No, but why are you asking”, he said while making the dough for cookies.

“Just asking.”


“Another day went by but he never came. Is he planning to take Kathy away?          

  No, he can’t do it. She is my daughter and I will not let him take her.”

“Mom, let’s go home”, Kathy said as she took my hand. 

” George, would you mind locking the shop?”

“Oh! Not at all. Good Night and take care.”

“Good Night.”


“Mom, why a carriage is standing outside our house?” she said as I searched for the keys.

I knew in an instant who was here. It was a royal carriage and he was here. 

“Mom let’s go and see”, she said while indicating the carriage.

“You go inside the house.”

“Let me come with you.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Please, Mama.”

“No. Go and wait for me inside.”

I knocked on the door when the royal minister opened it and left me to talk with him. 

My life changed so much in a few years. Once I was a maid in my own house then became a princess of a kingdom. I was the girl who believed in happily ever after but I left him. I wanted a family and when I got one, it was beyond my reach. Now after all these years, I am not the same Cinderella who loved and married a prince, who imagined a life which was beyond imagination, the perfect life which everyone dreamt of. Everything ruined when it ran like sand from my hand.


“Cinderella, why you named our daughter Katherine?” he asked impatiently as I didn’t answer his previous questions.

“I liked the name.”

“We can at least have a normal conversation for once.”

“Says the one who never respected his wife.”

“Cinderella, please. How many times should I say sorry about one mistake I did years ago?”

“Your one mistake cost me my whole life. You are no one to interfere in my life and my daughter’s name should not be your concern.”

“Cinderella”, he shouted.


“Don’t shout Robert. Your shouting holds no meaning to me now. You are just the father of my daughter and that was the reason I let you come near her but you are not my husband to ask me questions.”

“Cinderella, you are not trying to unders……”

“What should I understand that you want to take both of us back to the palace. 

Don’t be shocked. I knew it the first day I met you. 

And this the last time I am telling you, Kathy and I will not come with you.”

He tried to say but I stopped him again.

“Because you are Kathy’s father you can meet her once in a while but don’t even think of taking her from here.”

“Please Cinderella. I made a horrible mistake and I am bearing the consequence till now. I love you and I want you back in my life. I truly loved you from the day I saw you but the desire to become king blinded me. I never realised until you left me that you are the one who is important not the crown. I want to earn my place in your life just like before. Just give me one chance.”

The silence prevailed for minutes. 

I loved this man with everything I had but I never got what I wanted and now when he wants to give me everything, should I take it? This man, I loved him, I love him and will only love him. Will everything become normal or this will be our new normal?


It has always been writing which makes me feel alive.

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