My Mantra for life:

Live in Present, Learn from Past and Prepare for Future.

I am a Teacher by profession and writer by heart.

Being a teacher demands a lot of creative writing. When my imagination met words which eventually got appreciated, writing became part of my life. From writing diaries till scribbling thoughts on a paper was the journey I had which is now continued with this blog.

Then a suggestion from one of the colleague made me to start this blog. This is a different world for me.

If I am not teaching then I am writing. And if not both then I can be found in kitchen trying some new dishes, sorting my cupboard which is a mess most of the times no matter how much I arrange it, lying on bed watching some web series or my nose in a book.

My little niece inspires me to learn new things every day and do my best in everything I do.

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with rain.

Dolly Parton