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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 11)

“It’s been two weeks. He never came to visit. It’s different to not have him here, hovering over me and, Kathy…………. And he never questioned about Kathy’s name? Everything is so confusing. Should I talk to him? Am I getting mad even allowed? Is he answerable to me? This whole relationship is confusing.”

“Mom, that uncle with chocolate didn’t come from many days. You know he is very good at Monopoly”, Kathy said while tying her shoes.

“Katherine, he is your father and he might come today to play with you.”

“But he asked me to call him uncle until you accept him.”

“He is impossible. Why does he complicate everything?” said inaudibly to Kathy.


“George, did someone come to meet Kathy or me?”

“No, but why are you asking”, he said while making the dough for cookies.

“Just asking.”


“Another day went by but he never came. Is he planning to take Kathy away?          

  No, he can’t do it. She is my daughter and I will not let him take her.”

“Mom, let’s go home”, Kathy said as she took my hand. 

” George, would you mind locking the shop?”

“Oh! Not at all. Good Night and take care.”

“Good Night.”


“Mom, why a carriage is standing outside our house?” she said as I searched for the keys.

I knew in an instant who was here. It was a royal carriage and he was here. 

“Mom let’s go and see”, she said while indicating the carriage.

“You go inside the house.”

“Let me come with you.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Please, Mama.”

“No. Go and wait for me inside.”

I knocked on the door when the royal minister opened it and left me to talk with him. 

My life changed so much in a few years. Once I was a maid in my own house then became a princess of a kingdom. I was the girl who believed in happily ever after but I left him. I wanted a family and when I got one, it was beyond my reach. Now after all these years, I am not the same Cinderella who loved and married a prince, who imagined a life which was beyond imagination, the perfect life which everyone dreamt of. Everything ruined when it ran like sand from my hand.


“Cinderella, why you named our daughter Katherine?” he asked impatiently as I didn’t answer his previous questions.

“I liked the name.”

“We can at least have a normal conversation for once.”

“Says the one who never respected his wife.”

“Cinderella, please. How many times should I say sorry about one mistake I did years ago?”

“Your one mistake cost me my whole life. You are no one to interfere in my life and my daughter’s name should not be your concern.”

“Cinderella”, he shouted.


“Don’t shout Robert. Your shouting holds no meaning to me now. You are just the father of my daughter and that was the reason I let you come near her but you are not my husband to ask me questions.”

“Cinderella, you are not trying to unders……”

“What should I understand that you want to take both of us back to the palace. 

Don’t be shocked. I knew it the first day I met you. 

And this the last time I am telling you, Kathy and I will not come with you.”

He tried to say but I stopped him again.

“Because you are Kathy’s father you can meet her once in a while but don’t even think of taking her from here.”

“Please Cinderella. I made a horrible mistake and I am bearing the consequence till now. I love you and I want you back in my life. I truly loved you from the day I saw you but the desire to become king blinded me. I never realised until you left me that you are the one who is important not the crown. I want to earn my place in your life just like before. Just give me one chance.”

The silence prevailed for minutes. 

I loved this man with everything I had but I never got what I wanted and now when he wants to give me everything, should I take it? This man, I loved him, I love him and will only love him. Will everything become normal or this will be our new normal?

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 10)

“You have no right over her. You never wanted a child and now you want her to be part of your life. She was unaware of your existence and you want me to introduce you to her as her father when I told her that he never existed.”

“How could you do this to me?” I tried to protest but after what I did to her it was quite difficult to make her agree with me.

“This is what you deserve,” Ella cried out at last.

“Cinderella, please let me meet her for once,” he begged. Though my words never mattered for her. 


“This is the third time this week she denied my request. But I will also see, how much longer will it take her to accept me and my love.”

“Robert, you need to stop this as it is affecting your work now,” one of my close friend Kris suggested.

“No Kris, if I will lose them this time then I won’t be able to live in guilt that I never tried.”

“You are destroying your kingdom as well as you with this stubbornness.”

“No, for every second of my life I wanted this kingdom but I never got the happiness even after acquiring it. Although Cinderella, she was in my life for a few months but with her every day was refreshing, it was new and joyful. She was the light who tried to take away my darkness but I was indulged with it that I could never see it coming. And when I know I will get my life back, you want me to leave that for something I know will be of no worth without her. She is the queen I want to rule with because without her it will be meaningless. So, don’t ever tell me to stop.”

“Robert, I wasn’t trying to stop you but even if I did you will not. So, all the best for your journey”, he said defeatedly as he went to deal with the issues of the kingdom which I could not care for now. 


I know everyone including my family thinks I have gone mad to run after something I could never get. Last week, when I fought with my father and locked myself in the room, I thought it was the end of my life, my rule because everything was incomplete without her. At that time the box of chocolate given by that villager came in front of my eyes. I never wanted to eat them but the taste of her chocolate was everlasting and the thought to relish it again was tempting. My hand landed itself on the box and the first bite told me that it was her who made it. And the hope that now I can find her was not just a thought but also upcoming reality. 

This week, after talking to that villager, Smith, I went to meet her. I knew she would not be happy with it but I wanted to take the chances. 


“My dear Elly, it’s the wedding tomorrow and as usual it will be yours chocolate pudding”, a lady said smilingly.

“Samantha, you should stop worrying because the pudding will be there on time”, my Cinderella replied while packing another order.

She is beautiful like always and now she seems to be famous and happier than she was with me.

She talked to a lady for a while but what struck me was the name, Kathy. 

“Who is this Kathy?” “Is she my daughter?” “But why the name Kathy?”

There were so many questions I wanted to ask though asking them now will only take her away from me.

“Where is Kathy, Ella Aunty?” a little girl asked her.

I could not wait for long to meet her so I followed the little girl. And what I saw only amazed me, a little girl with the same features as me was sitting in a corner of the kitchen, of her bakery was eating cookies and was playing Monopoly. And I knew she was my daughter, my blood. Did I want to be angry with Cinderella for not telling me about her but is she the one to be blamed? 


I tried talking to my little girl but she refused to talk to the strangers. I tried to offer her a bar of chocolate but she denied, “my mother makes the best chocolate in the world and I don’t eat the things offered by strangers.”

“Why are you here?” she said taking Kathy in her arms.

“Please give me a chance Cinderella. Please. I want to mend everything. I want my daughter and you to live with me”, I tried to persuade her. However, she is a tough nut to crack.

“I don’t want to listen to anything, you just go. Go from here and never try to come again here or in our lives. We are happy without you.”

“Please Cinderella.”


It has been a week from that day and I regularly go there just to see my queen and princess. Kathy might have got my looks and brain but heart, she got it from Cinderella. She might say no to me now and even for the coming days but I won’t stop trying. Because eventually she will agree and we all will live happily ever after, exactly the way she wanted. 

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 9)

Katherine”…………”Kathy, where are you?”

“You have to find me.”

“Oh! So now we are playing hide and seek.”

A yes came with a laughing sound.

“Has anyone seen the little mouse who hides in my almirah”

“It’s not a little mouse,” a girl of almost 5 years says coming out of the almirah she was hiding.

“Oh! Definitely not. Because she is a princess.”

“Mama, you cheated again”, the girl said, getting angry.

“I am so sorry baby and Mama promises not to do it again.”

“Promise?” the girl asked with her puppy eyes which only added to her cuteness.

“Pinky Promise”, her Mama promised.


“Ella, the customers are waiting”, George, the chef who works with Ella, came to inform her.

“Yeah, will be there in five minutes.”

“Mama, I will wait for you here”, Katherine told her mother, assuring her that she would be safe.

“Ok, then eat these if you feel hungry. I will see you in an hour”, Ella said, giving some cookies for her to eat.


Years before Ella became Cinderella, Cinderella the princess but now she is again Ella, the girl who was happy with her life and had no complaints. She now has a daughter whom she loves and wants to give her all the happiness of this world. 

Her life is quite simple now with her daughter as her primary responsibility and a bakery. Baking which she only did as her hobby before is now helping her to earn the bread for her and Katherine. People in this village do not know her as the princess Cinderella but as Ella who has a girl named Katherine and she owns a bakery shop which is quite famous there. 


“My dear Elly, it’s the wedding tomorrow and as usual it will be yours chocolate pudding”, a lady said smilingly.

“Samantha, you should stop worrying because the pudding will be there on time”, Ella replied while packing the order of another customer.

“It will be wonderful. And it should not just be pudding, you and Kathy also have to be there.”

“We will be.”

“Elly Aunt, where is Kathy?” a girl of the same age as Kathy asked.

“She is in the kitchen.”

“Thank you.”

Then Ella again got busy with work.

But a man who was standing near the shop for quite some time now followed the girl which went unnoticed by Ella.

Who is this man?

Will princess Cinderella ever be able to meet her prince, Robert?

Well, these questions will be answered in upcoming parts, until then take care and be safe.

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 8)

“My Son, my precious son. How have you been?” former king, Robert’s father said looking at his son whom he met after days. 

“I am a good father. How was your tour?”

“You planned it perfectly. Just the way I wanted.”

“It’s great that you liked it. But for now I have to take your leave as the court will be starting soon.”

“Okay, meet me after the court I have to discuss something important.”

Robert nodding his head went from there to attend the court. 

In the evening, Robert remembered to meet his father who seemed to have something important to talk about.

“Your Highness, Your Majesty King Robert wants to have an audience,” one of the guards informed his father who seemed to be busy and confused to decide. 

“Send him in,” he said while gathering the papers in front of him.

“Good Evening….Father, you seemed to be busy. I’ll meet you some other time,” Robert said when he saw his father busy scribbling something.

“No, you sit. Talking to you is way more important.”

“Is everything alright.”

“Yes, actually I am thinking from days that you should remarry.”

“Father, I don’t want to talk about it now.”

“No, son it is actually the correct time. You are already trying to make an alliance with Kiribati and if you marry the princess Alexandra……”

“It’s enough, father. I don’t want to remarry.”

“But son, she is perfect…..”

“You said that for Cinderella too and then made sure that I don’t get close to her.”

“Son, she was never worthy.”

“She was Dad. And it’s time you also understand that. With her I was a human, who lived and loved but now I am not less than a dead man. I am living to have a glance of her and my child whom with your grace I won’t be meeting in this lifetime and you know what I don’t blame you because you just told me what to do but I was the one who did it. I did everything. So, please Father stop telling me to remarry.”

He left the room with tears in his eyes which were on the verge of falling. He thought he was broken till now but now understood he had shattered. Shattered in pieces, to be not joined again.

Everything in his room was broken and shattered with him sitting in the middle of the room. The chocolate box was in his hands. Chocolates reminded him of her. 


“Cinderella, Cinderella…”

“His Highness, Princess is in the kitchen,” one of the maids told him.

he walked to the kitchen to see Cinderella covered in chocolate head to toe laughing pointing at the kitten.

“Cinderella, what’s all this? You should not be working.”

“Ya, act….actually you liked…the chocolate…..before….so I thou….thought to….make it again,” she tried to say while laughing.

It was an amusing sight to see the princess covered in chocolate and the prince trying to take her to a room where she wouldn’t go because she would make the floor dirty. 

“Come….,” the prince said, taking her in his arms. He took her to the room and cleaned her while she was busy admiring him and thanking God for giving her the best husband anyone could get. 

“Now, you are not allowed in the kitchen,” he said, bringing her out of her world.

“But Robert I love cooking,” she said while making the cutest face trying to agree with him. “Please, pleaseeeee!”

“Okay fine. But if what happened today will be done again then I won’t listen to you.”

“You are the best,” she said as she kissed him.

“I know that,” he said, kissing her back.


He didn’t know how he became the one she started to hate, he couldn’t look in the mirror again. Everything between them was beautiful and unique but he destroyed it because it was what his father demanded. 


“Father, you called.”

“Yes, I did.”

“What’s so urgent before the court?”

“Sit down son. Let’s talk.”

The king came with some documents and handed them over to the prince.

“Son, these are official documents for the collaboration with the other states.”

“Okay, father.”

“Actually there is something else I want to talk about.”

“Yes, father.”

“Son, you are the future king and my expectations are way too more than you think. And to fulfill those you have to act appropriately.”

“I don’t understand it.”

“Son, don’t get attached to the Princess. She is just a woman to give your heir not to love. A king can’t love someone or get attached. Think it yourself.”


After this nothing was the same neither prince or Princess nor their relationship. It was ruined the second he decided to listen to his father because he had to become the king. The king who will rule not love because that’s what he has to do.

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Mother’s Day

M- My

O- One

T- Trusted

H- Helpful

E- Exuberant &

R- Reliable person.

Mother. She is the gift of God, given personally to everyone. Whether it is a newborn child or 50 years old man, the mother is equally important for all.

If I start describing, What a mother is? Then I don’t think words would be enough.

She is the one who will be there for you when you are at your high and also when you are at your low.

She sacrifices her life for her child. After giving birth her life revolves around them. It is always the comfortability of a child that comes first. It is their wishes which are meant to be fulfilled. It is always the child’s comfort not her sleepless nights.

And for all what she has done for us, we decide to celebrate it on one day for our insta stories. Mother’s Day is not a celebration for one day it is a celebration of life she got after our birth. It is a celebration for whole life.

This Mother’s Day pledge to yourself, to make every moment you spend with your mother will be special and memorable because other than our time everything else would not matter for her.