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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 9)

Katherine”…………”Kathy, where are you?”

“You have to find me.”

“Oh! So now we are playing hide and seek.”

A yes came with a laughing sound.

“Has anyone seen the little mouse who hides in my almirah”

“It’s not a little mouse,” a girl of almost 5 years says coming out of the almirah she was hiding.

“Oh! Definitely not. Because she is a princess.”

“Mama, you cheated again”, the girl said, getting angry.

“I am so sorry baby and Mama promises not to do it again.”

“Promise?” the girl asked with her puppy eyes which only added to her cuteness.

“Pinky Promise”, her Mama promised.


“Ella, the customers are waiting”, George, the chef who works with Ella, came to inform her.

“Yeah, will be there in five minutes.”

“Mama, I will wait for you here”, Katherine told her mother, assuring her that she would be safe.

“Ok, then eat these if you feel hungry. I will see you in an hour”, Ella said, giving some cookies for her to eat.


Years before Ella became Cinderella, Cinderella the princess but now she is again Ella, the girl who was happy with her life and had no complaints. She now has a daughter whom she loves and wants to give her all the happiness of this world. 

Her life is quite simple now with her daughter as her primary responsibility and a bakery. Baking which she only did as her hobby before is now helping her to earn the bread for her and Katherine. People in this village do not know her as the princess Cinderella but as Ella who has a girl named Katherine and she owns a bakery shop which is quite famous there. 


“My dear Elly, it’s the wedding tomorrow and as usual it will be yours chocolate pudding”, a lady said smilingly.

“Samantha, you should stop worrying because the pudding will be there on time”, Ella replied while packing the order of another customer.

“It will be wonderful. And it should not just be pudding, you and Kathy also have to be there.”

“We will be.”

“Elly Aunt, where is Kathy?” a girl of the same age as Kathy asked.

“She is in the kitchen.”

“Thank you.”

Then Ella again got busy with work.

But a man who was standing near the shop for quite some time now followed the girl which went unnoticed by Ella.

Who is this man?

Will princess Cinderella ever be able to meet her prince, Robert?

Well, these questions will be answered in upcoming parts, until then take care and be safe.

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 8)

“My Son, my precious son. How have you been?” former king, Robert’s father said looking at his son whom he met after days. 

“I am a good father. How was your tour?”

“You planned it perfectly. Just the way I wanted.”

“It’s great that you liked it. But for now I have to take your leave as the court will be starting soon.”

“Okay, meet me after the court I have to discuss something important.”

Robert nodding his head went from there to attend the court. 

In the evening, Robert remembered to meet his father who seemed to have something important to talk about.

“Your Highness, Your Majesty King Robert wants to have an audience,” one of the guards informed his father who seemed to be busy and confused to decide. 

“Send him in,” he said while gathering the papers in front of him.

“Good Evening….Father, you seemed to be busy. I’ll meet you some other time,” Robert said when he saw his father busy scribbling something.

“No, you sit. Talking to you is way more important.”

“Is everything alright.”

“Yes, actually I am thinking from days that you should remarry.”

“Father, I don’t want to talk about it now.”

“No, son it is actually the correct time. You are already trying to make an alliance with Kiribati and if you marry the princess Alexandra……”

“It’s enough, father. I don’t want to remarry.”

“But son, she is perfect…..”

“You said that for Cinderella too and then made sure that I don’t get close to her.”

“Son, she was never worthy.”

“She was Dad. And it’s time you also understand that. With her I was a human, who lived and loved but now I am not less than a dead man. I am living to have a glance of her and my child whom with your grace I won’t be meeting in this lifetime and you know what I don’t blame you because you just told me what to do but I was the one who did it. I did everything. So, please Father stop telling me to remarry.”

He left the room with tears in his eyes which were on the verge of falling. He thought he was broken till now but now understood he had shattered. Shattered in pieces, to be not joined again.

Everything in his room was broken and shattered with him sitting in the middle of the room. The chocolate box was in his hands. Chocolates reminded him of her. 


“Cinderella, Cinderella…”

“His Highness, Princess is in the kitchen,” one of the maids told him.

he walked to the kitchen to see Cinderella covered in chocolate head to toe laughing pointing at the kitten.

“Cinderella, what’s all this? You should not be working.”

“Ya, act….actually you liked…the chocolate…..before….so I thou….thought to….make it again,” she tried to say while laughing.

It was an amusing sight to see the princess covered in chocolate and the prince trying to take her to a room where she wouldn’t go because she would make the floor dirty. 

“Come….,” the prince said, taking her in his arms. He took her to the room and cleaned her while she was busy admiring him and thanking God for giving her the best husband anyone could get. 

“Now, you are not allowed in the kitchen,” he said, bringing her out of her world.

“But Robert I love cooking,” she said while making the cutest face trying to agree with him. “Please, pleaseeeee!”

“Okay fine. But if what happened today will be done again then I won’t listen to you.”

“You are the best,” she said as she kissed him.

“I know that,” he said, kissing her back.


He didn’t know how he became the one she started to hate, he couldn’t look in the mirror again. Everything between them was beautiful and unique but he destroyed it because it was what his father demanded. 


“Father, you called.”

“Yes, I did.”

“What’s so urgent before the court?”

“Sit down son. Let’s talk.”

The king came with some documents and handed them over to the prince.

“Son, these are official documents for the collaboration with the other states.”

“Okay, father.”

“Actually there is something else I want to talk about.”

“Yes, father.”

“Son, you are the future king and my expectations are way too more than you think. And to fulfill those you have to act appropriately.”

“I don’t understand it.”

“Son, don’t get attached to the Princess. She is just a woman to give your heir not to love. A king can’t love someone or get attached. Think it yourself.”


After this nothing was the same neither prince or Princess nor their relationship. It was ruined the second he decided to listen to his father because he had to become the king. The king who will rule not love because that’s what he has to do.

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Mother’s Day

M- My

O- One

T- Trusted

H- Helpful

E- Exuberant &

R- Reliable person.

Mother. She is the gift of God, given personally to everyone. Whether it is a newborn child or 50 years old man, the mother is equally important for all.

If I start describing, What a mother is? Then I don’t think words would be enough.

She is the one who will be there for you when you are at your high and also when you are at your low.

She sacrifices her life for her child. After giving birth her life revolves around them. It is always the comfortability of a child that comes first. It is their wishes which are meant to be fulfilled. It is always the child’s comfort not her sleepless nights.

And for all what she has done for us, we decide to celebrate it on one day for our insta stories. Mother’s Day is not a celebration for one day it is a celebration of life she got after our birth. It is a celebration for whole life.

This Mother’s Day pledge to yourself, to make every moment you spend with your mother will be special and memorable because other than our time everything else would not matter for her.

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 7)

Dear Cinderella,

Another day is spent without you. It has been five years since you have gone. Isn’t it said absence makes the heart grow fonder it is absolutely true as after you left the castle I realised how important you were? It was your decision to leave and my….. ego to never stop you. If you ask whether I regret it or not then I do. I do regret everything I have done to you. 

I wanted you to run against the clock to learn all the rules and mannerism of a princess which we royals learn from birth and still are imperfect. I should have given you the chance to settle down but I never did and all that is left to me is regret. 

I remember the day I first met you, you were like an angel walking down the aisle in a blue magnificent gown. Even when I couldn’t see your face I knew you were the miracle I have been dreaming of. That dance was one of its kind. We never met each other but everything around us was in sync, we were at each other’s pace. It seemed we already knew each other. That moment I knew it had to be you. 

Then we got married the same as the fairytales you used to tell Samantha and I thought you were acting like an angel because no one is so naive and innocent.

I took you for granted. I thought you were my property, someone who has to follow my orders, obey me and within all this, I didn’t realise when I lost you and…… myself. I lost the prince who enjoyed small happiness because I had to be…… the king. The King.

And when I am the king today all I could think about is you. Every second you are on my mind. I think about you, about our child, about how unique our family would be. Our future would have been so beautiful with you being my side. I miss chocolates made by you, every servant in the castle is tired of my tantrums at the dining table because I don’t like the way they decorate it. There was a strange calming aroma around the table when you decorated it.

I always told you what a princess does and what not but eventually forgot what a prince should do. I wanted to cage you in this castle, in this golden cage but forgot that you were a free bird who will fly high leaving everything behind. 

Cinderella, for once I want to meet you and my child. I promise I won’t ask you for the child or you to come back. I have learned from my mistakes and I just want to tell you how sorry I am for what I did. I and my fairy tale castle are not what you deserve, you deserve a lot better. 

“Your Majesty, it is time for the court,” the adviser said, reminding him of the meeting he had with villagers regarding their issues. 

“Yes, will be there in a minute”, the letter which had his secret was again made part of the drawer which had hundreds of other letters which were to be sent to her in years but he never got the courage. 

Will he ever get the courage to send those letters?

Will he meet Cinderella and his child?

Will they be together again?

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Twisted Tale Of Cinderella (Part 6)

“It looked like the princess was taking some stress lately. But from now on take care of her. It’s an incredibly important stage of your lives. She will need your support and care all the time,” the doctor told the prince Robert who was pacing in the hall. He was happy to become a father, after all, he was giving an heir to the kingdom but was much more relieved that her getting unconscious has nothing to do with him. When everyone expected him to meet the princess and tell her the good news himself instead he went to the dinner because he could not afford to miss it.

Queen Helen seeing her son’s behaviour thought to be with Cinderella. Because she would like to know this news from someone who is very close to her and if it can’t be her husband then it could be her who has taken her as a daughter. 

After an hour Cinderella woke up feeling a light headache and found queen Helen sitting on the sofa reading. “Your highness, Why are you here? And why am I here?” she said as she tried to recall the moments before an hour. “Princess, you need to rest. These coming months are very important to you and our kingdom. You need to take care of yourself because….”, before the queen could say Cinderella said with no emotions on her face, “because I am pregnant”. The queen saw her face which had no emotions on it. She was not happy with the greatest gift she has got in her life. “Princess, you do not seem to be happy. It is the gift every woman prays to god but look at you, you got this gift and you are not even happy or being grateful to it”, the queen said explaining to her how beautiful it is to become a mother. Cinderella cried for a few minutes which made queen Helen worried about her. “Don’t cry dear. Everything is okay. I know sometimes news like this could be overwhelming but everything is good. There is nothing to get worried”, she said trying to calm her down. 

“I am scared, mother. I am scared. This child is the future of reign and will become king one day and also learn what his father will tell him. I don’t want my child to have any quality of his father. I also know I don’t have any other option than giving birth but still I wish that this child would not come to this world where he has a father who is not human at all. I also know you must be thinking about what an awful mother I am who wishes her child to be dead. I am an awful mother. I know I am”, she said crying hard.

The Queen could understand why she feels like this, there was a time when she thought the same but in the end, her mother’s love won and she gave birth to Robert. She tried her best to mould him her way but instead, he chose to be the image of his father. Queen Helen has also crossed the same path once and had seen its consequence too but this time she wasn’t ready to make Cinderella do the same so she decided to confront her son. Making Cinderella calm down she said with determination, “You don’t have to worry about it anymore. Everything will be good and you don’t have to think bad about anything. Robert will be the husband you always wanted and will become a great father.” Queen Helen’s words did raise some hope for Cinderella, for a moment she thought everything would be the way she wanted, she would get back her prince with whom she fell in love. 

Queen Helen went to her room ordering the servant to get Robert in her room as soon as possible. After a few minutes he came, “Mother, you asked for me”. He said as he sat down. “Yes, Prince Robert. I wanted to talk to you something,” she said, composing herself. “Yes, mother. But please make it a little fast because I have to be downstairs,” he said, correcting his bow tie. “No, you don’t,” the queen said angrily on the words said by the prince. “No, you don’t have to be downstairs instead you should be with Cinderella celebrating the joy of parenthood, to be grateful to the gift given by god to you. Not everyone is as lucky as you. And you are wandering around. You should respect and love your wife. She is the one who will be giving you this god’s gift. Be thankful to her.”

“Mother, you need to watch your tongue. And why should I be thankful for her instead she should be thankful to me, who has given her this life, she was living in rugs. I was the one who made her princess and you say I should be thankful  to her.”

“Of course mother he is right. He gave me this life. I am the one who should be grateful to him,” Cinderella said, who heard their conversation when she came to ask something from the queen. “Prince, let me tell you one thing. If my name is Cinderella, it doesn’t mean that I have a lifelong stigma of being poor and disadvantaged. My life back home was definitely not luxurious like here but at least I could sleep in peace at night. But here, I fear everything. I might not be royal but I am the best you could ever get. The temper and manners you have cannot let you have anyone beside you. It is patience developed by me in years that helped me during these months. I would not have spoken a word to you but it is not just me but it is my child. I want the best for my child and you are not even good. I have empathy, passion, kindness and humble gratitude. I am a beauty inside out……… and my child and I deserve a far better man than you. So not I but you should be grateful to me that I chose to be your princess instead of the girls who dated you before..”