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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 9)

Katherine”…………”Kathy, where are you?”

“You have to find me.”

“Oh! So now we are playing hide and seek.”

A yes came with a laughing sound.

“Has anyone seen the little mouse who hides in my almirah”

“It’s not a little mouse,” a girl of almost 5 years says coming out of the almirah she was hiding.

“Oh! Definitely not. Because she is a princess.”

“Mama, you cheated again”, the girl said, getting angry.

“I am so sorry baby and Mama promises not to do it again.”

“Promise?” the girl asked with her puppy eyes which only added to her cuteness.

“Pinky Promise”, her Mama promised.


“Ella, the customers are waiting”, George, the chef who works with Ella, came to inform her.

“Yeah, will be there in five minutes.”

“Mama, I will wait for you here”, Katherine told her mother, assuring her that she would be safe.

“Ok, then eat these if you feel hungry. I will see you in an hour”, Ella said, giving some cookies for her to eat.


Years before Ella became Cinderella, Cinderella the princess but now she is again Ella, the girl who was happy with her life and had no complaints. She now has a daughter whom she loves and wants to give her all the happiness of this world. 

Her life is quite simple now with her daughter as her primary responsibility and a bakery. Baking which she only did as her hobby before is now helping her to earn the bread for her and Katherine. People in this village do not know her as the princess Cinderella but as Ella who has a girl named Katherine and she owns a bakery shop which is quite famous there. 


“My dear Elly, it’s the wedding tomorrow and as usual it will be yours chocolate pudding”, a lady said smilingly.

“Samantha, you should stop worrying because the pudding will be there on time”, Ella replied while packing the order of another customer.

“It will be wonderful. And it should not just be pudding, you and Kathy also have to be there.”

“We will be.”

“Elly Aunt, where is Kathy?” a girl of the same age as Kathy asked.

“She is in the kitchen.”

“Thank you.”

Then Ella again got busy with work.

But a man who was standing near the shop for quite some time now followed the girl which went unnoticed by Ella.

Who is this man?

Will princess Cinderella ever be able to meet her prince, Robert?

Well, these questions will be answered in upcoming parts, until then take care and be safe.

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Twisted Tale Of Cinderella (Part 6)

“It looked like the princess was taking some stress lately. But from now on take care of her. It’s an incredibly important stage of your lives. She will need your support and care all the time,” the doctor told the prince Robert who was pacing in the hall. He was happy to become a father, after all, he was giving an heir to the kingdom but was much more relieved that her getting unconscious has nothing to do with him. When everyone expected him to meet the princess and tell her the good news himself instead he went to the dinner because he could not afford to miss it.

Queen Helen seeing her son’s behaviour thought to be with Cinderella. Because she would like to know this news from someone who is very close to her and if it can’t be her husband then it could be her who has taken her as a daughter. 

After an hour Cinderella woke up feeling a light headache and found queen Helen sitting on the sofa reading. “Your highness, Why are you here? And why am I here?” she said as she tried to recall the moments before an hour. “Princess, you need to rest. These coming months are very important to you and our kingdom. You need to take care of yourself because….”, before the queen could say Cinderella said with no emotions on her face, “because I am pregnant”. The queen saw her face which had no emotions on it. She was not happy with the greatest gift she has got in her life. “Princess, you do not seem to be happy. It is the gift every woman prays to god but look at you, you got this gift and you are not even happy or being grateful to it”, the queen said explaining to her how beautiful it is to become a mother. Cinderella cried for a few minutes which made queen Helen worried about her. “Don’t cry dear. Everything is okay. I know sometimes news like this could be overwhelming but everything is good. There is nothing to get worried”, she said trying to calm her down. 

“I am scared, mother. I am scared. This child is the future of reign and will become king one day and also learn what his father will tell him. I don’t want my child to have any quality of his father. I also know I don’t have any other option than giving birth but still I wish that this child would not come to this world where he has a father who is not human at all. I also know you must be thinking about what an awful mother I am who wishes her child to be dead. I am an awful mother. I know I am”, she said crying hard.

The Queen could understand why she feels like this, there was a time when she thought the same but in the end, her mother’s love won and she gave birth to Robert. She tried her best to mould him her way but instead, he chose to be the image of his father. Queen Helen has also crossed the same path once and had seen its consequence too but this time she wasn’t ready to make Cinderella do the same so she decided to confront her son. Making Cinderella calm down she said with determination, “You don’t have to worry about it anymore. Everything will be good and you don’t have to think bad about anything. Robert will be the husband you always wanted and will become a great father.” Queen Helen’s words did raise some hope for Cinderella, for a moment she thought everything would be the way she wanted, she would get back her prince with whom she fell in love. 

Queen Helen went to her room ordering the servant to get Robert in her room as soon as possible. After a few minutes he came, “Mother, you asked for me”. He said as he sat down. “Yes, Prince Robert. I wanted to talk to you something,” she said, composing herself. “Yes, mother. But please make it a little fast because I have to be downstairs,” he said, correcting his bow tie. “No, you don’t,” the queen said angrily on the words said by the prince. “No, you don’t have to be downstairs instead you should be with Cinderella celebrating the joy of parenthood, to be grateful to the gift given by god to you. Not everyone is as lucky as you. And you are wandering around. You should respect and love your wife. She is the one who will be giving you this god’s gift. Be thankful to her.”

“Mother, you need to watch your tongue. And why should I be thankful for her instead she should be thankful to me, who has given her this life, she was living in rugs. I was the one who made her princess and you say I should be thankful  to her.”

“Of course mother he is right. He gave me this life. I am the one who should be grateful to him,” Cinderella said, who heard their conversation when she came to ask something from the queen. “Prince, let me tell you one thing. If my name is Cinderella, it doesn’t mean that I have a lifelong stigma of being poor and disadvantaged. My life back home was definitely not luxurious like here but at least I could sleep in peace at night. But here, I fear everything. I might not be royal but I am the best you could ever get. The temper and manners you have cannot let you have anyone beside you. It is patience developed by me in years that helped me during these months. I would not have spoken a word to you but it is not just me but it is my child. I want the best for my child and you are not even good. I have empathy, passion, kindness and humble gratitude. I am a beauty inside out……… and my child and I deserve a far better man than you. So not I but you should be grateful to me that I chose to be your princess instead of the girls who dated you before..”

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Twisted Tale of Cinderella (Part 5)

“The dinner was planned very efficiently Princess,” queen Teresa of Florida said as she kept admiring the arrangements. “It is arranged the same way queen Helen used to do. She taught you very well.” Cinderella was happy with all the appreciation she got today but the one of whom she was waiting from hours never came. Excusing herself she went to the kitchen to see if desert was ready or not.


Last few days, she has become close to everyone in the palace especially the royal cook, Jackson. He is an old fellow who is serving the royal family from years and treats Cinderella as his daughter. She also likes his company because he is the one after queen Helen who does not think her useless. They don’t tell her that she is lucky to get married to Prince Robert and they do not tell her how good he is with people. Whenever she listens it feels they are talking about a completely different person. Because her husband is not nearly sweet especially with her. In starting she reasoned his anger as the pressure of court, she thought he was trying too hard to become a better king. But now when his anger is constant he does not feel like the same person she fell in love. Now every time someone takes his name all she could remember is him questioning their marriage. It’s just been two months and he has already started questioning their marriage and she can’t do anything to stop him. Even the thought scares her but she tries to be better, to be better as a princess, to be a better wife, to be someone who could be useful to him to share his burden, not someone who he thinks as a burden. She never asked for a fancy life but now all she got is that. She always prayed for a peaceful life with a small family with no worries. When she first came to the dinner planned by prince Robert she thought it could be true, her dreams could become reality, he might be the one but he….. he is someone different, someone she can’t recognise. And now she has become a fancy doll whose only work is to plan dinners and banquets whenever required. She wanted to do something notable, something important in her life but can’t see or find anything. With everything going on she finds herself as confused as she was when her mother and father left this world one by one. 

“Princess dessert is ready. Should we arrange it?” Jackson asked as he started to decorate it. “Umm, …….I’ll see and will tell you,” she said making her way down the hall. “Princess, you seem to be upset,” Jackson once again asked because normally she is vivacious personality but from few days she seemed to be disturbed about something. “It’s nothing to worry, Jack,” she smiled and went to the hall. In the hall, which was full of people and everybody was looking at her, but what took her attention was her husband’s eyes which were red with anger, “Princess, everybody wanted to meet you. Where were you? I was searching for you”, he said as he came towards her and his grip on her hand became tight and painful with his every word. The tears in her eyes were about to drop but she controlled herself, “Sorry Prince. I went to check the arrangements for dessert which will be here any minute.” he smirked and took her to meet king of Armenia while his hold on her hand was not losing a bit. For some time she tried to control her pain and whenever she tried to take her hand away from him it only got worse. Slowly, everything around her became blurry and all she heard was her name being called but with every second she only found herself in deep slumber.

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Your Touch

Those touches of you always create havoc inside me.

You have touched the deepest corners of my heart.

When you touch me everything inside me burns.

I wait for the evening when we will join our hands, those warm hands always makes me want more, and when that warmness leaves me, it feels like everything is finished.

Your hugs are an important part of my day.

My day starts and ends with it.

Those morning cuddles make me feel home.

The home which I had always craved for.

You make me feel safe when I know how much cruel the world outside is.

Your innocent touches remind me of being alive.

Those deepest desires are awakened by your touches.

When I am with you I want the world to stop forever and be with you.

To be with you is the only thing that I ever want.

You are the love of my life.

The life which I have now is only for you.

I am now only for you.

It has been you always and will be only you.

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The Love I had for You

“Why? Why do you love him, not me?” he said as he saw her hands joining with the man he hates the most and she loves the most. He knew from starting that she loved him but how could he keep his feelings a secret from his best friend. The best friend who was with him in his worst times, when his father died she was there to make him feel alive, when his girlfriend left him, and also when he failed in one of the exams. It was always her but he never understood until this man came in her life. She was never a shy girl and that’s why she proposed Vikrant. He was very happy for her but as they became close, the way she smiled at him, her shyness when he said something in her ears, the way he used to hold her close, everything seemed wrong. He tried to stop him but the love he had for her only grew. He realised that it was always her, now her words were like a melody to his ears and everything seemed to be magical with her. He hoped every day that some miracle would happen and she would realize her feelings for him and would come running to him. He had imagined this thousand times in his mind, how she will express her love for him and how she never realised that it was always him. But it never happened. So, today he decided to speak what he had been wanting to say for days. 

He rang the bell which sounds the same, everything was the same, the house, the bell, her but not him. He changed, the love he had for her changed him. It changed him into the person he never wanted to be. He was deep in his thoughts when she opened the door and confusingly asked, “Why are you standing outside like a lovesick puppy whose girlfriend left him after cheating him and he still can’t get over it.” He knew she was never hesitant neither was he but today was different. He continued as he gathered all his courage “Nothing, actually, I wanted to ask you something?” ” When did you start taking my permission to ask something? Nevertheless, speak fast I have other work to do,” she said as she sat on the couch in her lawn. The words he wanted to say we’re not as easy to be said as thought but he had to say it so gathering his courage he said, “Surbhi, I know you think of me as your friend but I think….” before he could continue she angrily said, “Don’t speak. Please I request you to keep your words to you. I don’t want your words to break our friendship. You are special to me and will always be but this cannot happen between us.” Not able to stand anymore she took the help of the couch to sit but when he tried to help her Vikrant came in time to hold her. The patience he had till now was lost seeing them close and he finally questioned, “Why Surbhi? Why do you love him, not me?” 

Surbhi who was trying to keep her calm all this time burst with anger, “I don’t know. I don’t know why I love him. And how can you ask someone to tell you the reason why they love the person they love? Well, I don’t think I need to tell you this because it is only Vikrant who can have this answer.” All the calmness was all gone in Surbhi but Vikrant tried to calm her. “Surbhi, he is your friend. You need to calm down and you need to answer his question calmly because he is your friend and you can’t abandon him the time he needs you the most.” She calmed down after a few minutes and stood to speak to him. “Kartik, please sit and let’s talk,” she said to the man who looked like her friend but not the one she knew from a long time. Settling down she spoke, “You remember the day we met. I was in such a bad mood, I never told you the reason. That day my so-called friends abandoned me because they were embarrassed to be with me as no one around them accepted me, accepts the blunt girl, who never thinks before speaking. I was not comfortable in my own skin, it felt everyone left me because of who I was. But then I met you, my twin, soul. You made me realise that I don’t have to be ashamed of who I am. And I respect you for that and that is the reason for you being special and important in my life. Now, you asked about love, you remember the day I proposed to Vikrant. You joked if he would say no I ignored it that time but if you ask again I would say if he would have said no then I would have left, never questioned him because it is his choice whom he needs to love not mine and I am definitely not the person to ask that question.” She didn’t continue and left to her room because she knew if he didn’t understand now then she would lose her friendship with him forever. Vikrant followed her with confused expressions as he never knew what to say to Kartik or her. 

Kartik also left from there knowing she loves Vikrant and he has to accept the reality and he definitely is not the one to ask her any questions or decide whom she has to love. It is her life and she has the right to choose her life partner. He cannot force his love on her but what he was unsure of was their friendship. Will it be the same? Will they ever be able to move on?